Existing ADTC clients can NOT add employees using this form, please contact us by phone (800-528-9075) or email (drugtestingconsorium@gmail.com) with changes or additional information.

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"DER" is the "Designated Employee Representative"
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I/We understand that by joining this consortium and not refusing to be tested when selected, we meet the necessary requirements as listed in 46 CFR Parts 4, 5,16 & 49 CFR Part 40 & 14 CFR Part 120 for drug and alcohol testing for DHS, DOT, FMCSA, FTA, PHMSA, FAA and FRA. This program will place us in full compliance with federal drug testing laws. We further understand that continuous membership in the consortium will require an annual payment of the membership fee in addition to the charge that is in effect for testing and processing the sample whenever randomly selected. Current testing fees, as of this date, are $65 for Random Drug Tests and $45 for Random Alcohol Tests. All fees are subject to change.

If I/we change our mind about joining this consortium, we will be refunded any membership fees paid if the refund is requested within 30 days of the date of this application. I/We further understand that I/we may request removal of our name from the consortium membership for any reason, at any time, by notifying American Drug Testing Consortium, or by declining to renew our membership by the following January 1st of any year.

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